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    3/10/2014 -    Hello,  I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed hearing you on my birthday, Saturday, March 8, 2014. 
                              There were four of us - me, my husband, my sister, and her husband.  We were the only four dancing - with the exception of
                              the older couple when you played Brown Eyed Girl.  I was the blonde - my sister was the brunette.  Brown Eyed Girl is my favorite

                              song to hear a band play and you guys nailed it - best I've ever heard.  Mustang Sally is my sister's favorite song and you nailed that,
                              too.  Actually, the sets were perfect.

                              My husband and I go to NYC several times a year and stay at the Westin.  We always go to Smith's Bar to hear the bands on
                              Friday and Saturday nights.  You are the best band I have ever heard there and I would love to see you again.  Also, I love Billy
                              Squier and I think you guys would do him justice.

                              Thanks for making my birthday a wonderful memory...and for playing Brown Eyed Girl and Mustang Sally.  We had a blast.
                              Mary C. Smith

   6/19/2012 -  Ok guys, caught you at the Riverhead Blues Festival this past weekend.  Walked in a few songs into
                       your set, was really enjoying it but had to leave to see Johnny Winter.  About three songs into Winter,
                       my son turned to me and said, "Dad, let's go back upstairs, those guys were really good!"....caught
                       your last song and your encore......really blown away!   Great time, thanks! - James T.
   3/22/2012 - March 2, 2012 We  got to see this fantastic band do a full 9 set strong tribute to Rory Gallagher as it was Rorys birthday. It was
                              the second set of a 3 set show for the night.  They truly loved it and it showed, it was exceptionally tight, quite loud too.  Josh
                              played his beautiful cream Strat thru a Vox, as he should.  This 3 piece is well versed, I was so happy and proud all the same.   

                              The set opened on fire and never let up until the last cord was pulled down. 
                              Cradle Rock

                              Calling Card
                              Tattoo'd Lady
                              Too Much Alcohol, electric
                              I Wonder Who
                              Secret Agent, w slide
                              Shin Kicker
                              Big Guns
                              Shadow Play

                              After the show, Josh, exhausted, the guitarist told us he and his band really had worked so hard to put on such a great show. It took
                              great effort to pull this off.  The bassist Jim w his 5 string never stopped smiling, and never missed the beat, a true pro.  The drummer
                              Sean, had a kit like Rod De'Ath and tore thru it too just the same, w some lead vocals also.  Josh w Strat in hand, Vox on full, let us
                              have the full on assault a Strat in the right hands can give.  They plan on doing this again someday, w more songs for their repertoire.

                              Their shows always consist of fantastic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, boogie w a hard rock edge.  Jacks O'Diamonds has it all.  I
                              cannot thank them enough. I truly recommend you see them if ever in New York area.   Thank you again guys, Chris O'Keefe.

    5/13/2011 - We were in NYC May 7th and were lucky enough to catch your show at Smith's Bar. It was the
                        highlight of our weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed your band and your choice of genre. It's obvious
                        what great musicians you all are by the amount of energy you expend to the crowd. We couldn't
                        help but get up and dance! Thank you, best of luck to your band and hopefully we will lucky enough
                        to see your show again. - Margie K.

    2/24/2011 - Hello, I caught your show at Smith's bar last weekend, great stuff! Do you ever get up toward the
                       Boston area? Also, do you have any MP3 downloads I could purchase, or CD's? I'm going to look
                       for you on Amazon as soon as I send this. [...] - Joe

   8/06/2010 -  Hey Josh Looking forward to seeing the band again soon. This is one of my favorite bands not only  
                        are they great musicians but really nice guys guys as well.  Josh, you get better and better every  
                        time I see you play.  Love that you pull out some old Rory  Gallagher stuff you really put your heart
                        and soul into your playing and it shows.  This is a fun band! Check them out!!! - Elaine

   7/26/2010 - I love the new website and thanks for the link Josh. You guys were awesome at Riverhead and  
                      Congrats on the engagement! - Bill

   6/25/2010 - I am listening to “Here There and Everywhere” right now. As an avowed Stevie Ray Vaughn
                      groupie, this rocks and rocks and rocks some more.  “Like the Bad Girls Do” is top notch  
                      rockabilly.  A real pleasure. - Susan Leach

   6/21/2010 - Josh Jim Sean – AMAZING TALENT!! Wonderful shows. See u. - Ginger

   6/20/2010 - I love your soulful blues…looking forward to your Riverhead Blues Fest gig!  - Mike Mahon

   5/20/2010 - Rock at it's best! - Dave

                   - Thanks for performing on the Graveyard Blues Show on WRCN 103.9fm ! Come back soon. - Jerry

                   - Hey Guys, Had a Great Time at The Sinful Souls bash. It was the most fun I have had in a long
                     time. - Mike Monti

                   - If you haven’t checked out Jacks O’Diamonds, you are missing out on some of the best live music
                     around.  Loved you guys at Mirelles! - Slightly Damaged Goods

                   - Interested in checking you guys out.  Some mutual friends told me about you guys. Best of luck. -
                     John Pagnataro

                   - Coming to see you play at Tennessee Jacks! - Paul Lamboglia

                   - Always  a pleasure - Michael Ferraro

                   - hey..saw you guys at the Pulse party…you were awesome : ) Can you put me on your email
                     distribution for upcoming shows? I missed the Brickhouse show…didn’t know about it! - Janet

                   -I’m a DJ in Croatia, “Here There & Everywhere” just reached #1 on our Music Chart! - IIir

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